Welcome to the epic download section. Here we post our VGM ReMakes/ ReMixes and add a lot of new parts to revive the tracks in our own unique way. Stop by once in awhile to check if there are any new tunes! Meanwhile, spread our website and get as many people you can to check our stuff out! The more people interested, the more tracks we'll do.

Dan & Frank Johansen

Astaroth's Awakening - Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Download - Original tune used: Astaroth
This tune is part of the ocremix project: badass.ocremix.org

Gunning the Metal Knight - Wild Arms 1 - Download - Original tune used: Battle Zeik
This tune is part of the ocremix project: armed.ocremix.org

Demonic Bell - Ys II - Download - Original tune used: Companile of Lane

Mortal Konfrontation - Mortal Kombat - Download

Kratos' Revenge - God of War series - Download      Video - Original tunes used: Main Theme & Rage of Sparta

Second Star Evolution - Phantasy Star 2 - Download

All Corners of the world - Alundra - Download      Video

TranQuility ReBorn - Legend of Dragoon - Download      Video

A.M.E.O.T.B - Lost Odyssey - Download      Video

Routine of War - Metal Gear Solid 4 - Download      Video - Laughing Octopus
This tune is part of the ocremix project: badass.ocremix.org

The fight we can't avoid - Wild Arms - Download 

Meridian Dance - Secret of Mana - Download

Final Fantasy History is a project aiming at covering Remakes from all the FF games where Uematsu Nobuo composed. In our Remakes we focus on keeping the original feeling of the tracks and at the same time, adding our own style and expand the tracks. There will be new tracks in time. But for the time being, enjoy what we've done so far! ROCK ON!!!!

Final Fantasy Info

Track list:

Prelude - Final Fantasy - Download
Chaos Temple - Final Fantasy I - Download
Galgur Vulcano - Final Fantasy I - Download
Live Or Die - Final Fantasy II - Download      Video
Dark Crystals - Final Fantasy III - Download
Castle Of Hain - Final Fantasy III - Download
Fight Of The Red Wings - Final Fantasy IV - Download
Zeromus The Manipulator - Final Fantasy IV - Download       Video
Emotions Of A Journey - Final Fantasy V - Download
Cleft Of Dimension - Final Fantasy V - Download
Phantom Forest - Final Fantasy VI - Download
Bombing Mission - Final Fantasy VII - Download      Video
Crazy Motorcycle - Final Fantasy VII - Download      Video
Arena Of Death - Final Fantasy VII - Download      Video
Mystic Labyrinth - Final Fantasy VIII - Download
Don't Be Afraid - Final Fantasy VIII - Download      Video
You're Not Alone - Final Fantasy IX - Download      Video
Messenger Of Darkness - Final Fantasy IX - Download
To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X - Download
SeeD Mission (The Landing) - Final Fantasy VIII - Download

Being huge Castlevania fans, we decided to pay some homage to this brilliant series' music. We are especially fond of Kinuyo Yamashita and Michiru Yamane's work. So these are the ones you'll likely see more Remakes of in the future.

Castlevania info








Track list:

Vampire Demolisher - Castlevania (nes) - Download
Trevor Belmont's War - Simon's Quest & Dracula's Curse - Download



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