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Welcome to The Dual Dragons official website! If you don't know who we are, check out this link.


These are two remixes that have been done for quite some time and both are part of two official ocremix projects!
Here they are and ENJOY!!!

Astaroth's Awakening - Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Download - Original tune used: Astaroth
This tune is part of the ocremix project:

Gunning the Metal Knight - Wild Arms 1 - Download - Original tune used: Battle Zeik
This tune is part of the ocremix project:



Long time no see, haven't been very active here for quite some time due to being active on other fronts musically.
And most of our activity within the field of video game remixing takes place on various projects stationed at
Anyways, we felt like doing an energetic remix of a famous Ys II track called Companile of Lane, which we've named: Demonic Bell. ENJOY!

Demonic Bell - Ys II - Download - Original tune used: Companile of Lane


Hello good people and followers of The Dual Dragons! Dan Johansen of the Duals just release an original tune
made spesifically for Rock Band.. it's got intense solo guitar playing and themes making sparks fly all over the place! lol
It's a hard tune for people who love some challenges!! YEAH!! Here's the link with information about the tune.

It's only for Xbox 360 users for now, but it may expand to PS3 soon.

Who doesn't love Mortal Kombat? The most edgy fighting game of all time.

Here's a medley track we made using the character-selection screen tracks from MK 2 and Alliance together
with The Subway track from MK 3. ENJOY! ROCK ON!!!!!!
PS: This is our first remake using Frank Johansen's metal vocals.

Mortal Konfrontation - Mortal Kombat - Download

2 Epic ReMake releases AND a video!!!!

Here are the two ReMakes ENJOY! Download here or in the download section of the site where we have a lot more tunes,

Kratos' Revenge - God of War series - Download      Video

Second Star Evolution - Phantasy Star 2 - Download

And here is the video for the God of War tune!

The Dual Dragon's Facebook!

Before we had a forum, that we felt was kind of a hassle, but it was nice connecting to people.
As many may know, we stopped using that forum pretty early, but we've not made a facebook profile for
The Dual Dragons. You can find the link to the right on the page ------------------------------------------------>

So drop us a line there, give some ReMake requests, whatever! COME ON OVER!

One more thing, we'll be posting 2 new videos, 3! new tracks available for download within the next 2 weeks,

Track-list of our finished / almost finished tracks for projects.

Here's a short update on the track's we've recently done that you can expect to hear when the ocremix projects are released.

Astaroth's Awakening (Shadow Hearts 2 - Astaroth) Project: Project BadAss!
Axes of Destruction (Seiken Densetsu 3 - Axe Bring Storm) Project: SD3 - SOLAD
Brooding Tolerance (Seiken Densetsu 3 - Intolerance)  
Rising Fate (Seiken Densetsu 3 - Obsession)  
Nu-Clear-Fantasy (Seiken Densetsu 3 - Nuclear Fusion)  
Sigma Revival (Megaman X-1 - Sigma Stage 1) Project: Megaman X - Maverick Rising
Fearful Encounter with Zeik (Wild Arms 1 - Zeik Battle) Project: Wild Arms Project

Joining Projects!

Hi, long time no see... We've joined a few Ocremix projects, one being the Wild Arms 1 (PSX) ReMix project. We've finished the Zeik final battle track
and it will be released the same day as the project release. Here is the project link.

The other project we've joined is ''Bad Ass!''. We've taken on the mission to ReMake Astaroth - Battle with The Fallen Angel, which will be finished
in not too long. Hope you enjoy them once they are complete!

Wild Arms 1 ReMake added to the download section! + EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!

Hi pals, glad you all like our ReMake works, we truly love the fact that people enjoy our music! Thanks!
We've had MAJOR troubles with the website lately but our great friend and metal musician Roy Iversen helped and managed to fix the problem
within a few hours work THANKS! Damn all website hackers to oblivion I say :)

As for the other EXCITING news as stated above, both me Dan and my brother Frank (The Dual Dragons) are and have been working on two
solo albums for months, one is soon to be released, not through label, but self release, as we think that this way gives a lot more freedom. It may be
out in a few months from now, available via iTunes, Napster and so on. (More details later).

The project is a concept album covering the epic poem called ''Epic Of Gilgamesh''. It's a full length instrumental album spanning all 11 Tablets in the
styles of Progressive, Symphonic Metal with tons of dynamics that richfully tells the story as an emotional journey!!!

Cover artwork and more information about the release will be coming soon so stop by often and enjoy our ReMakes in the meantime.

Post your thoughts in the forum if you want, we'll see you there!

Alundra Medley - All Corners Of The World
A new tune has been added to the Project X in the download section, enjoy!

Soundtrack update
Hi everyone, recently we've been working on a soundtrack for a turn-based indie RPG game, it'll contain 20 + tracks with original compositions.
We're currently 6 tracks into the project. It'll be awesome! The game will be released, probably Q1 2010. So it'll be awhile until it's available.
But stayed tuned nontheless! See ya!

Zeromus The Manipulator
Yet another tune has been added to the ongoing project Final Fantasy History, hope it is enjoyed!!

New Track!!! LOD
Legend Of Dragoon - TranQuility ReBorn has been added to the Project X in the download section, hope you enjoy both the track and the video! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

Update on progress!
Hi there guys. We're currently working on Final Battle (Zeromus) track from FF IV upon the request on the forum. We're also working on a Secret Of Mana track, be sure to stop by again soon! While waiting, Check out this video or some other vid's at our youtube channel.

2009-12-3: 2 ReMakes added to the Download Section!
Metal Gear Solid 4 - Laughing Octopus & Final Fantasy VIII - SeeD Mission (The Landing)!

2009-05-3: CASTLEVANIA track added to the Download Section
Trevor Belmont's War

2009-03-3: POLL ENDED
Final Fantasy VIII - The Landing has won, and is being worked on at this moment. You can suggest other poll entries in the forum.

2009-01-3: LOST ODYSSEY track added to the Download Section
Made a video for the track as well, using the Lost Odyssey Intro FMV.

2009-19-2: NEW TUNE added to the Download Section
Meridian Dance from Secret Of Mana has been added.

2009-14-2: Poll added to the Download Section!
We got some great tunes up ready to be voted on, it's all up to you! If you want even more control on our ReMake selection, head to our forum, register and post suggestions in the ReMake topic.

2009-13-2: The website is finally up!
Presenting ReMakes / ReMixes to anyone interested in listening! Support our hard work by coming back and listen to new tunes!


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