This section presents the projects we are working on or have finished.  

Frank Johansen - UMD Dimensional Distortion - COMPLETE - LINK TO PROJECT

Style - Progressive, Futuristic Metal.

Dan Johansen - The Tablets Of Gilgamesh - COMPLETE - LINK TO PROJECT
May 12, 2010tal Metal.
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Action RPG Game Project - WEBSITE COMING SOON:

Status - 600+ pages story & dialogue (100%) Main Character Design (80%) Other Character Design (0%) Music (90%) Programming (0%) Sound effects (0%) :

This game project is our life goal to have made and released.  This epic Action-RPG game has been worked on for years getting all story outlines ready, making a grand game-design for the battle-system and how to roam the world.  With over 3 and a half hours of soundtrack for the 1st (out of 5) games, we've created the whole mood of the series and the main characters' looks have been uniquely designed. We follow the protagonist's journey from his early years to his days as a struggling leader.

We are currently looking for people who can join us in our quest to create a demo for producers and developement teams. By joining this project, you wont be earning money, but participating in a independent project with ambitious goals. The results would be GREAT as demonstration to get a job within the game business for any of the personell. If you're seriously interested in helping out, you will be provided a synopsis of the demo's event layout. The demo will be copyrighted by us, the creators of the game.

- Need CGI / Battle / Field programmers!
- Need sound effects!
Divided Populace / (complete):

A 129 pages Sci-Fi drama/action screenplay with a political overtone.

Influx / (complete):

A 175 pages Sci-Fi action screenplay with saga-like elements.
VGM ReMake/ReMix projects:

We have chosen to remake/remix tracks that we want to give new life to and express them in our own way.
Here's the list of games we are currently working on. PRESS HERE!

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